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How to Install VB6 on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Here are the steps on how to Install Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. These Steps are valid for Both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions.

  1. Use notepad and make a 0-byte file named 'msjava.dll' in C:\Windows\ to avoid the installation of MS Java
  2. Insert the CD or Open the folder containing VS6
  3. Right Click setup.exe > Run As Administrator
  4. Ignore the two Compatibility warnings by clicking 'Run Program' and continue the installation wizard until setup asks you to customize which components to install
  5. Click the 'Custom' button and uncheck components which you dont want to install. (like VC++, FoxPro. Dont uncheck Database Components)
  6. After Completing the installation, setup will prompt you to install MSDN Library, Install it if you wish, but its very helpful.
  7. Skip the installation of BackOffice, InstallShield etc
  8. Click Finish to complete the setup
  9. Now run VB6 for the 1st time. Right-click Visual Basic 6.0 shortcut from startmenu > Run As Administrator. This will setup all the registry entries.
  10. Close VB6 and Install Service Pack 6. Thats All!
  11. Restart Windows
Correctly Using VB6 On Windows 7, 8, 10

1. User Account Control (UAC)
VB6 needs to be run with administrator rights or it will not work correctly. For this, Turn-off UAC from the control panel.


If you prefer not to Turn off UAC then set VB6 to open with Admin Rights.
For this
1. Right click VB6 shortcut > Properties > 'Open File Location'
2. Then right click 'VB6.EXE' > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Check 'Run this program as an administrator' > OK

This will make VB6 open with Admin rights.

2. Aero Theme Problem
If you are using Aero Theme then VB6 IDE will behave oddly when you resize/move controls on form, To fix this problem Check 'Disable Desktop Composition' in the compatibility Tab, like we did above. Alternatively, you can also move controls using keyboard, Shift + Arrow Keys to Resize controls, Ctrl + Arrow Keys to Move controls.


1. Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 does not support WinHelp Help files, so some of the control's context sensitive help will not work. You can download an add-on from Microsoft to display Helpfiles.

2. On Windows 8 / 8.1 some users are reporting error at the end of setup, to fix this problem uncheck 'Data Access' at the start of setup.

Click here for Official Support Statement for VB6 on Windows Windows 7, Windows 8.

Btw, Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003 have serious compatibility problems with Windows Vista and 7, They dont even install or run properly. On the other hand VB6 continues to run perfectly on all windows version since Windows 95. That makes a total of Se7ven different versions of Windows!

Note: i found the msjava.dll tip in the VB Newsgroup.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I don't have Windows 7 yet, but this will come in handly.

  2. For Visual Basic 6 Refurbished Express Edition:
    1) install
    2) reboot (so DEP settings get applied)
    3) on first startup, run as administrator.

  3. I am trying to uninstall my existing defective installation of VB6 from my Vista OS but I get an error telling me that C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/1033/Setup.stf cannot be found. I checked, and yes, it is true that the file above is not at the stated folder. How do I uninstall VB6 now?

    1. hey that's my prob to in the past. first you need to install your vb6 in win7 home edition or you can find it with your friend that are using win7 home edition.then copy th setup.stf in home edition and paste it in the missing one that you installed in you win7 ultimate or vista. then try to uninstall.

  4. Thanks for instructions.. It works like magic.. :) (Y)

  5. Hi, great piece of information! Thanks! Had some odd behaviours while not running admin mode... think my setting to run vb6 as admin got lost somehow and i just forgot that I need to switch it on....

  6. Who has VB 6.0 MSDN library link to download?

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  8. My new Laptop with window 8 cannot register OCX and DLL.
    It returns this msg: "The module 'crviewer.dll' was loaded but the call to DLLRegisterServer failed with error code 0x8002891c"
    What could be the possible cause and solution, please?

  9. @ Anonymous - you need to open regsvr32 with admin rights.

  10. Will Windows 9 support Visual Basic 6 programming ?
    Will the VB6 runtime be included ?

    1. Yes, VB6 programs running fine on Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview.

  11. I was able to install VB6 Enterprise on Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview when I've unchecked Data access components.

    1. Nice to see that VB6 programming is supported on the Windows 10 technical preview.

  12. I can't run setup.exe in vb 6.0 and i run it in setup folder the acm.exe and it says;

    setup is unable to open the data file 'E:\Visual Basic 6.0\SETUP\ACMSETUP.stf'; run Setup again from you originally ran i't

  13. VB6 programs continues to run perfectly even on Windows 10 Tech. preview edition.
    Just tested...

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  15. Fanctastic working Solution. Really grateful for the solution.

  16. Thanks for sharing information about vb6 on windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.

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  17. Microsoft has extended support for the VB runtime through 2024, more info here:

  18. I think it's worth mentioning that for some reason there is a very long pause in the VB6 installation. It looks like it has crashed (and Windows 10 reports 'Not responding').

    I've seen this Windows 7, 8 and 10. No idea what is going on, but go and get some breakfast, have a long black - it does eventually finish what it is doing.

    I don't think it is a good idea to 'End Task' or interrupt it.

  19. Oh, and one other thing. You mention that you need to create a blank MSJAVA.DLL in the Windows folder.

    That is easier said than done because of the ridiculous permissions setup in MS Windows.

    I've had so many issues with this f**ked up security on Windows, I ran a 'Take Ownership' application to be able to do a simple thing like create a blank file in the Windows folder.

    So annoying.

  20. Dude, that '___ up security' is to save your __ from malware and RockPhish.
    Just save the file in C:\Users\(you)\Documents.
    Then [Start Menu]- Type 'cmd', right-click 'Command Prompt', and 'Run as Administrator'.
    Then 'copy C:\Users\(you)\Documents\msjava.dll C:\Windows'. Done.

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  22. how to install vb 6.0 on win 7 64 bit

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