Sunday, November 14, 2010

Use XP Icons in VB6 Apps

This code shows how you can use Windows XP style icon (32-bit alpha icons) in your VB 6 application. VB6 only supports icons up to 24-bit true color and this code shows the workaround.


Temporarily Disable AutoRun

This code shows how you can temporarily disable autorun using your VB6 application.


Drop Shadow on Form

This code shows how to add drop shadow to you VB6 form without using any subclassing. All using Windows APIs. Just 8 Lines of code.


Add Build Button to VB6

Ever wished you had a 'Build' button on your VB 6 toolbar just like VC++, now you can add a build button to your VB 6 toolbar, without using any addins.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Draw System Icons

This code shows how you can Draw System Icons like - Critical, Exclamation, Question, Information and new Shield icon introduced in Windows Vista, 7.

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