Thursday, September 9, 2010

List of VB6 Add-Ins

Here is a list of few very useful VB6 Addins which provides many features.

vbAdvance is a Visual Basic Add-In which gives access to advanced build features and many IDE convenience features. You can create Console Applications, Exports Function from VB6 DLLs, Create Resource-Only DLLs and more.
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Visual Basic 6.0 Procedure Sort Add-In
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Smart Indenter v3.5
Smart Indenter is a utility to tidy up VBA code by rebuilding the indentation of each line.
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  1. i am looking for an add on to vb6 that will (trace) print out a list of statements used then a command box is clicked on.
    It would basically be a pape trail of what statments were used in a procedure.

  2. 와우 내가 찾던게 요기잉네!


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