Sunday, July 4, 2010

VB6 Alternatives

Here is my comparison of VB6 Alternatives. The exe size mentioned here is of a typical hello world application.

RealBasic [Homepage]
Cost: $99 for one OS, $299 for Pro
1. This is a complete package but there are still some problems with the IDE, the IDE lacks good intellisense support, you have to press Tab to mimic the intellisense and there are no tooltips for control properties while coding, instead this information is displayed in the statusbar.
2. Not that good property pages.
3. Large exe size (about of 3.2 MB)
Pros: Cross Platform, COM support

PowerBasic [Homepage]
Cost: $199 for Compiler + $99 for GUI Designer
Cons: Separate Compiler and GUI designer, Expensive
Small exe size (about 75KB), No Runtimes, COM support.

KBasic [Homepage]
Cost: Euro 25
Cons: No ActiveX Support, Large Runtime size (about 30 MB)
Pros: Cross Platform, Syntax Compatible with VB6

PureBasic [Homepage]
Cost: Euro 79
Pros: IDE Available for Multiple Platforms
Cons: No COM support, Confusing Project Management

LibertyBasic [Homepage]
Cost: $60

JustBasic [Homepage]

FreeBasic [Homepage]
Pros: Free, Multiple IDE/GUI Designer Available

Jabaco [Homepage]
Description Jabaco is a Basic language compiler closely based on VB6 syntax that generates 100% Pure Java bytecode that runs on the Java VM, and includes a GUI builder and IDE.


  1. Intellisense is not a MSFT patent. Other competing languages use it, but they call it something else. It's just a real bitch to implement.


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