Monday, August 29, 2011

Remove Icon from VB6 Form

Many times we set icon on form which we dont want, and there is no option to remove, you can only replace it. But sometimes we need to let the default VB icon remain like when we are setting the icon using code. To remove icon from VB6 form, open your form .frm file in notepad and under " Begin VB.Form Form1 " look for " Icon = "Form1.frx":0000 "

Remove this line and save, open your project and VB6 will display an error, now save the project. This will remove the icon.

Note: Be careful while editing files using notepad.


  1. You can simply select all of "(icon)" text in property browser next to Icon and then press Del or BackSpace.

  2. Thanks Vlad Vissoultchev.
    This was a much better alternative to the other guy Abhishek's solution!

  3. i got a better idea:
    step1=set form border style to no.3 'Fixed Dialog'
    step2=select the 'icon' property and press delete

  4. There is a "showicon" in the Form property where you can set True or False xD


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