Tuesday, September 13, 2011

VB6 on Windows 8

VB6 Will Work on Windows 8 :D

  • No specific mention of VB6 or other legacy technology.
  • Win32 and COM still available.
  • VB6 Runtimes wont be there in Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 will run all application that ran on Windows 7.
  • x86 application wont run on ARM based Windows 8, including VB6 Apps.
  • They are going to provide compilers to C, C++ developers to compile for Arm Windows 8.
Windows 8:
  • Available for x86, x64, ARM
  • Hardware requirement same as Windows 7
  • Target of running all application that ran on Windows 7
  • Includes new UI style called Metro
  • Includes new Metro UI style Touch based Desktop (Along with Old Desktop)
  • Metro application are written in HTML5, JavaScript, XAML (.NET)
  • New APIs (WinRT) for Metro apps callable from JavaScript similar to desktop gadget engine.
VB6 Runtimes are included in the Alpha Release.

Screenshot of VB6 running on Windows 8.


  1. Microsoft can't kill VB6, there are many apps and source code for this such old long-loved programming language!

    1. Yes more power to VB6!

  2. Good news anyway, I agree with Yelinna, Microsoft will kill themselves if they kill VB6. I liked VB6 so much, howver, new programmers definitely will use .NET

  3. Sadik bhai , Microsoft won't kill vb6, but vb6 will face her natural death.
    I'm also a vb6 fan but compelled to switch to newer tool ...
    - Faiz Rahmathulla

  4. I wouldn't mind switching to alternate tools, if they were backwardly compatible with VB6. Sadly, I have few fairly large programmes & converting them is not an easy task (even when using 3rd party tools).

    Long Live VB6..

  5. Have a read of my article - it is changing as my search for a vb6 replacement progresses:


  6. I will only migrate to the .NET if Microsoft will make the functions used in the VB6 to be available on .NET and simplify the code as much as possible.

    Why do I need to use:
    Dim location = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location
    Dim appPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(location)

    When I can do the same in VB6 with:
    appPath = App.Path

  7. i want download VB6. where is the place??

  8. Google it. It is available on many sites. Vb6 SP6

  9. Vote for an updated version of the VB6 programming language:


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